If you are like me, probably your image about a bachelor party is a little blurry. I was born and raised in a small town where “fun” was a very calm and quiet concept. Parties were not too extravagant or loud, not because people were lacking imagination, but because they were lacking in resources to take fun to the next level.

Then, I was amazed. In 2009, as “The Hangover” hit the big screen, I saw a bigger dimension of the whole fun concept. Those dudes knew how to party! Getting up on the roof of a building with no memory of the last evening events and the whole track-our-party thing…well, it amazed me. It was a completely different approach to this bachelor party thing that I didn’t imagine before.

As I found out later, there is an industry that offers a lot of experiences for this matter. They even plan stag parties (for men) and hen parties (for women). And if you are that kind of friend who always gets involved in planning events, these rows are written for you. I strongly suggest you to pick Budapest as a destination. Let’s find out why.

Budapest – the city that has it all

First of all, why a stag party in Budapest? Well, is a great historical city which will get you amazed with its architecture.  Also, it has great prices for accommodations and last, but not least, cheap booze! And I almost forgot the main reason for which you should choose Budapest for a stag weekend: really beautiful girls. A discrete peek won’t hurt the groom, right?

But let’s get into our party clothes. After all, that’s what we are talking about. What would do stag weekends in Budapest to be great? First, I would consider beer. And don’t think about this as a casual evening meeting with your friends at your favourite bar.

Beer and Budapest – a beautiful story

If your group is eager to explore, include a “beer bike ride” with 20 liters of beer in your stag do activities in Budapest list. It’s a win-win situation: you get to explore the city while…well, you get the idea. You can also choose to go for a beer tasting if you start feeling fancy in all that history and architecture. By night, I strongly suggest you to go for a “Dinner All you can drink”. You should expect exactly what title advertises for: a lot of booze in a great atmosphere, surrounded by your friends. And, to spice things up a little, you can also hire a Sexy Beer Babe to make the experience completely enjoyable.

Let Budapest architecture amaze you

If you feel like doing something to get a feeling of the city’s vibe (without beer), you can relax in a thermal bath. The whole country is well known for its amazing thermal springs, some being as old as The Roman Empire. If you feel more like exploring, then renting a private cruise to sail the Danube may delight you with great landscapes of this beautiful city. If this is too quiet for you, go for some racing at a track. You can hop on some quads with your friends and show the groom that he is not losing only his freedom, but also the race.

Tips for adrenaline junkies

If you are searching for some (more) adrenaline, go for bobsledding. This is an experience for true daredevils and will make you feel like a sportsman. In the same “adrenaline specter”, airsoft, paintball or simple gun shootings can awake your hibernating surviving skills. And will almost guarantee burst the fun of the weekend!

Mix Budapest with European history

My last suggestion is a personal note. It’s nothing about crazy fun or exploration. It’s more about European culture and history. I honestly advise you to go for a Trabant Trek Countryside. Trabant is a car built somewhere around 1960 in Eastern Germany (DDR) and it is a symbol of the collapse of the Eastern Bloc. My father owned one of these beauties when I was a kid and I have only good memories about it. Not because of technical capacities of the car, but for the vibe that car gives. You won’t regret it if you try!

If you feel confused about what to pick, I’m sorry. There is more. You can visit http://eventhuse.co.uk to see even more options for a stag weekend. The best part is that you can see some Budapest stag weekend reviews if you need more convincing. Or more ideas. Anyway, give them a try to make your friends’ bachelor parties an unforgettable experience.