Glamping in simple words is glamorous plus camping. These days the concept of camping has become more advanced as it includes glamour and luxury. Now you must be thinking how luxury can be involved in camping. Well there are many companies providing luxury glamping services. Whether you want to go for a holiday, or want to organize a function, glamping is one of the best things you can do. It is not only adventurous but facilitates you with all the things which are required in our daily lives. If you are planning to do so, then you can get this luxury glamping experience with GlamXperience.

Unlike you usual camping, Glamping serves you with luxury camping trips. It will give you a mixed experience of both adventurous aspects and luxury travel. Have you ever imagined that you can even do camping in the mountains with good meals or without freezing? Shocked!!!


Yes, you can do such camping. GlamXperience is amongst those who provide the best to their clients. They not only guide you while camping but also provide you with basic necessities. Following is the list of things which are provided while glamping:

Services and amenities:

Glamping provides excellent services and amenities. These include personal butler (in some cases), adventure activities, guided tours, gourmet meals, a private deck of your own, crisp linen, en-suite bathrooms and private beds in tents. Isn’t it amazing?

This is all provided throughout your holiday, but is very important that you should know how to take benefit of these. Some people are tending to or say use to luxuries. These people know how to make the best use of it. These camps are made with the basic idea to comfort you and then you should use it fully.

Activities and Experiences:

Even though you are not a regular traveler or very ethusitic about camping but when you have got the opportunity then it is very crucial for you to understand its importance. The best example here could be when you go out for sightseeing, it is not only you see the places and come back. It also includes a little conversation with the guide so that you get to know more about the place or animal or thing.

While Glamping, you get to converse with cultural experts, get accompanied by field guide experts, and more. These are topped with amazing meals. It completely depends on you that, in how many activities you want to participate. The more you participate the more you get the benefits and enjoyment.

Nature and Culture:

Both glamping and camping are different. Camping involves nature escapism whereas glamping involves a travel experience that combines both culture and nature. It gives you an amazing feeling while glamping, a true experience by getting the essence of everything. On the other hand, camping is a one way travel experience. It has its own limits that does not allow one to enjoy as much as what glamping does.

So, Glamping gives you a rich and immensely layered travel experience. It is suggested to make the most use of it.