Latest word of these days “Travelography” i.e., when people are travelling and making a biography of their trip. Interesting right? Of course it is. When your travel, you definitely take millions of photos, after all it is the best way to capture your entire travel journey forever in these photos. But how do you take great pictures? Here are few handy tips from the professional Travel Photographer that will help you to become a pro whist you are travelling:

  1. Learn it: take up a course, understand what photography is all about. How to take better pictures, what are the different angles, how to use the light etc. If you understand all the aspects of photography, you are nothing less than a pro. Instead of buying ten different types of lenses, invest the some money in buying good books and you will be happy that you did it.
  2. Practice, Practice and more Practice: as the saying goes practice makes the make perfect, so practice every day. Whatever you see, you like, take a picture. Analyze it, see it from different angles and understand your mistakes. This process will make you a pro when you are travelling.
  3. Light is everything: though there are night vision cameras, but there is nothing better than natural sunlight. You get marvelous picture when they are taken in broad day light. But this does not mean you cannot use artificial light of a lamp, of course you can and create some magnificent art even with shadows. See from where the light is coming. With proper use of light, you can make any ordinary shot into an extra ordinary photo.
  4. Get Set Go in the morning: though you are on a vacation, and you would like to have lazy mornings after all you are on a break from your monotonous busy life of regular days. But don’t forget happy mornings are great to experience and you get brilliant photos early in the morning. Especially when you are travelling and everyone gets up late, afternoons tends to be busy. So you get some lone time to shoot some of the best shots. learn more from the Travel Photographer experts
  5. Be a creative director: When you are travelling and you want to take some pictures of locals, be a director. Don’t take boring pictures, where everyone is standing in a row. Be creative, use your imagination, ask them to come closer and lean towards the camera and laugh not just smile. Your creativity can make some monotonous photos look really interesting and will narrate a story by themselves.
  6. What is the range of your Flash: flash is an important aspect of photography. You must know the range of your flash, because if your subject is beyond that limit, the subject will appear dark. Usually a range of ten to fifteen is maximum. Know your range well before you start your travellography.

Always carry your camera with you when you are travelling because anytime you might get the best chances to click some of the best pictures of your trip.