San Francisco is one of the most popular cities in the US and California that you can visit during the holiday. It is widely known for its diverse culture and political communities that became widely recognized in the previous century. It is also known for scenic beauty, hilly terrain, and world-class restaurants.

We decided to present you 10 reasons to visit San Francisco:

  1. The Weather

This city is based on a place that contains one of the best weather in the world. It is usually cooler in the city than outside, which makes it very comfortable to live in it all year round or to plan vacation whenever you want. However, some sudden weather changes can easily happen especially when fog takes over and cools everything down. It is amazing to see it in person and most tourists adore San Francisco because of it.

  1. The Food

There is a great diversity in San Francisco, so you can easily discover a new cuisine from all over the world. It is one of the best places in the world where you can discover numerous cousins that is widely known from all over the world. You can find great restaurants from the traditional and alternative cuisines.

  1. The Shopping

San Francisco is the perfect place for shopping in case that you want to do it. The Union Square is an area of the city with one of the largest shopping neighborhoods in the United States. You can find amazing brands such as Levi’s, Gap and Sephora, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman’s and Macy’s.

You can also find some less obscure and little-known boutiques in San Francisco Centre or in Union Squire. You will be amazed at all possibilities that you will be able to engage.

  1. The Walking

San Francisco is beautiful for people who love to walk. It is considered as walking city, so if you want to visit have in mind that you need your walking shoes along. In case that you get tired of walking and sightseeing the city, you can easily take any kind of public transportations that is easily accessible around the city.

  1. The Public Transportation

San Francisco contains one of the best Public Transportation systems. There are numerous choices that you can take around the city including streetcars, business and Muni trains, boats, BART and another form. The most popular way of public transportation in San Francisco is widely recognized Uber. You just have to install the app and the world is yours. However, it is always better to chat with Uber accident lawyer in order to see your legal rights during the ride and in case of some issue.


The synonym of revolution and political perspective in the USA is San Francisco. That is why freedom is respected and no one will try to enter into your comfort zone. Whatever happens, you will be able to enjoy in the city and its surroundings in whenever season you come. You just have to make up your mind, and the rest is history.