2017 is the year when Canada, which has invited students from around the globe, received tremendous amount of applications and it is expected that it will just increase in the upcoming academic year. Canada has attracted students of universities and colleges and now the students who went there to complete their studies don’t want to leave the country, even after they have graduated.

A report by Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) states, “within the next 10 years Canada expects to have almost half a million international students studying in the country!”

A study has been done by CIBE and it has been found out that between 2008 and 2015the international students in Canada almost doubled and by 2015 the ratio of students who have filed for permanent residence is also increasing!

Now one would think that why so many studentswant to stay in Canada even after they have done graduation which was the sole purpose they first got there. Well, there are some reasons which could help in understanding it.

Efficient and Improved Immigration Process:

One of the main and the biggest reasons for students to apply for permanent residence is the easy and the efficient immigration process carried out in Canada. The very popular Express Entry was revamped last year which was done primarily to make the immigration as feasible as possible for the applicants and especially international students who were applying to get permanent residence in Canada.

The emphasis on the improvement of Express Entry was to make sure that the international students who are highly skilled. There was less emphasis on the jobs offer in Canada but more on the quality of education, the highly qualified skills set, and the Canadian work experience of the candidate.

Post Graduate Work Program:

Once a student has done graduation in Canada they automatically are eligible for the Post Graduation Work Permit PGWP. And that is another reason why students want to stay in Canada because they want to gain the work experience.

This makes it very easy for an international student to search for jobs in the Canadian market if they have graduated from a Canadian college or university. They can search for different employment opportunities without worrying about being sponsored.

The PGWP is valid till the same length as the program that an international student has studied and for maximum of three years.

Canadian Experience Class:

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is another popular way which has been making it very easy for international students to get permanent residence.

If the international student has an experience of 12 months within the last three years before they have applied for any part-time or full-time job then they can very easily apply for CEC through Express entry. Furthermore, international students who have completed a diploma or a degree from a Canadian college or university earn points for having studied in Canada.

Stable & Vibrant Country:

Canada has proved to be a very tolerant country and it has the reputation of a vibrant country too as compared to other countries. And more importantly the reputation of Canadian universities and colleges just make it more preferable place to live for international students.

Also the convenient immigration programs have made Canada into a country which has been welcoming international students more as compared to any other country which only offers temporary residence.

Quality of Life:

Canada has been ranked as one of the best places in the world to live by the United Nations. It has a lot to offer like income equability, economic and political stability, a proper and efficient education and health system.

These five reasons mentioned above have mainly contributed to international students choosing Canada for their secondary education and then applying for permanent residence in Canada.

Assessment of Eligibility

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