How to plan a successful trip

Today, it is a practical article that I propose to you and more particularly all the good plans to successfully plan your trip

The budget

The start of each successful trip must be the budget we are ready to dedicate. Detailed spending planning is essential for trouble-free travel.

The choice of destination

After this step, we can proceed to the most exciting part of the trip planning: the choice of the destination !!! This step is my favorite because it sells a little dream. We can afford to list all the places we would like to visit, after all, dreaming costs nothing!

The moment of comparison and choice

In this step we can choose 2 methods of selection:

  • The favorites – we have one or two destinations we want to see absolutely and we know that it is possible to fit them in its budget – the choice is immediately made!
  • Good deals available – we do not have a specific destination that we want to choose, we are open to many possibilities and it does not really bother us to visit a neighboring country if the best offers are present. Always check the safety tips and the level of danger indicated by the French Embassy regarding the chosen destinations.

The documentation

Check the website of the country’s embassy in France to check the necessary documentation to enter the territory. Plan places to visit or activities.

After choosing the destination, we must plan the places we want to visit and the activities we would like to do. A new list is needed, with the places to visit at all costs and a secondary list with the places and activities in which we are interested but which are not essential. This second list can be consulted if you find yourself with extra time on your trip or if you find yourself unable to achieve any of the objectives in the first list.

The choice of the hotel

The choice of the hotel is one of the most fun and probably the most frustrating moments in planning your trip. This one depends a lot on the type of trip you want to do (a backpacker does not need more than a bed and a bathroom for example).

If the hotel is an important detail of your trip, it makes up for investing a little time in finding the rare pearl that will make your stay unforgettable …

Tips: Search for Google, and visit multiple sites. Choose the hotels that interest you and look for them on to see the price of the desired stay and reviews ( has a fairly extensive base of guest reviews).

At the time of booking – do not do it on an online site like or Get the hotel contact, contact them directly and try to negotiate the price. Internet sites are intermediaries that take up high commissions that you can avoid if you negotiate directly with the hotel.

Means of transport during the stay

If your destination is a city, choosing public transportation is the cheapest and probably fastest way to get around during your stay. Search the city’s tourist site for available public transport options and the existence of tickets with a duration of several days. Most of today’s tourist cities have city passes with a duration of 1, 3 or 7 days and give access to buses, metro and trains in and around the city.

If the chosen destination is a little more remote from the city like Toronto Airport, or if you want to travel in the wild, consider airport limousine Toronto. In this case, other considerations must be taken concerning the driving license, the highway code and the local rules.