Performing or Executing an Economical Umrah 2017

  • In case a pilgrim desires to be ritually pure for Umrah, he should get rid of his cloths and take bath.
  • A pilgrim should perfume himself and use best oil for his beard and hairs.
  • It is sunnah for both men and women to take bath for Ihram including menstruating women and those experiencing postnatal bleeding.
  • After bathing and preparing himself, a pilgrim must pray the obligatory prayers; otherwise, he makes his intention by praying the two Sunnah Rakass which are made each time ablution is performed.
  • After finishing his prayer he should say talbiyah. A man raises his voice when saying this and a woman says it so that only one beside her may hear her.
  • A pilgrim must say Talbiyah as soon as possible after taking on Ihram, especially when times and places change, i.e. when descending or ascending during travel or when day or night approach.
  • A pilgrim must say the Talbiyah during Umrah from the time of Ihram till the time of tawaf. While performing Hajj he must say it starting from the time of taking on Ihram till he starts to stone Jamarat on the Eid day.
  • After entering the Haram Mosque, pilgrim put his right foot first and says dua as recommended.
  • After that a pilgrim approaches the Black Stone, touches it with his right hand and kisses it if possible, otherwise, he should face the Black Stone and point to it.
  • After touching the Black stone recite dua as recommended.
  • A pilgrim should walk keeping the Kabah on his left side and upon reaching the Yamani corner, he / she should touch it with the right hand or if not possible should point at it and pass away and complete the tawaf upon reaching the Black stone.
  • After completion of the seven circuits of tawaf a pilgrim must offer prayer as recommended beside Mokam E Ibrahim and try to offer it as close to it as possible.
  • After accomplishing the prayers he / she should return to the Black Stone and touch it, if convenient.
  • A pilgrim should ascends As-Safaa until he is able to see the Ka’bah and face the Kabah and raise his hand.
  • After that the pilgrim descends As-Safaa and heads toward Al- Marwah at a normal pace until he reaches the green marker. He should then advance quickly until the next green marker. He continues toward Al- Marwah at a normal pace.
  • Upon reaching Al-Marwah, a pilgrim must ascends it and faces the Qibla raising his hands and repeats what he said on As-Safaa. After that a pilgrim should come down from Al-Marwah and advance towards As-Safaa, where walking is assigned take a normal walk and run where running is designated.
  • Completing this procedure require completion of laps seven times and one lap completed from Al-Safa to Al-Marwah. This procedure of moving from Al-Safa to Al-Marwah is called Sai.
  • For completion of sai a pilgrim shaves his head. A woman clips her hair the length of a fingertip. Shaving is preferable, except when Hajj is near and there isn’t sufficient time for hair to grow back. Umrah is completed after the ritual shaving and a pilgrim is free take on normal clothing and engage in other social activities.

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