Untouched by the buzzing of automobiles and the city life lays the smallest hill-station of India, Matheran. This hill-station of Raigadh district of Maharashtra is the perfect example of untouched serenity of nature. With its over 40 natural look-out points, it attracts the tourists seeking tranquillity. Unlike other hill-stations, Matheran engulfs the visitors in its peacefulness rather than being noisy itself. As it is declared as an Eco Sensitive Zone no cars or automobiles are allowed within its boundary.

If you are a nature lover leave your automobiles, get on your foot and be ready to experience a pollution free and peaceful vacation at Matheran. Book Matheran hotels online and yes, don’t forget to take comfortable shoes that can help you walk longer without much trouble.

Here is a list of some of the hottest destination for travellers visiting Matheran.

Louisa Point – If anyone visiting Matheran wishes to see one and only one place then it must be Louisa Point. One needs to walk a long distance on muddy trails between the woods to reach the cloud surrounded Louisa Point. The destination, as well as the journey to Louisa Point, is full of picturesque beauties. If you do not wish to walk or are tired easily, you have an alternate option of hiring horse ride with the local guides.

Charlotte Lake – The Charlotte Lake Point is amongst the most loved tourist attraction of Matheran. The road around the lake and the amazing waterfall makes the place even more beautiful. However, it is suggested to be careful while walking on the slopes as they can prove fatal especially during the rainy season which is considered to be the best time to visit the place.

One Tree Hill Point – As the name suggests it’s a hill with a single tree. This place attracts viewers because the entire valley along with lots of waterfalls can be seen from the hill. The One Tree Hill Point is unique with its single tree while the whole surrounding is covered with dense forest.

Shivaji’s Ladder – Journey to the One Tree Hill becomes much exciting if you go through the ladder like pathway famous as Shivaji’s Ladder. The trek path leading to the ladder is dangerous yet famous.

Panorama Point – It is the place that gives you the panoramic views of the Sahyadri range of mountains. It is the place that provides perfect sunrise as well as sunset scene so you can choose to visit it at morning or at evening too. However be ready to walk on your own as it is less famous among the horse guides. The Panorama Point lies in an almost opposite direction to the other famous points at Matheran.

Porcupine Point – This is the sunset point of Matheran so consider visiting it on a clear day rather than a cloudy one. The evenings at Porcupine Point feels crowded with visitors, horse guides and vendors for the obvious reason. It is considered best to return on a horseback as returning becomes difficult at night walking on the forest trails.

Honeymoon Hills – A trip to Matheran would not be as fulfilling as it can if you miss visiting aesthetically pleasing and romantic Honeymoon Hills. It was named so as it was once among the hottest honeymoon destination for British and Parsis in India. The hills provide a layered view of the band of rocks that is a very pleasing sight for the visitors.

Echo Point – The Echo Point is considered the best option if you want some risk-free excitement in the most natural way. This spot amidst the scenic beauty of Sahyadri mountain range gives you the joy of reverberations or echoes.

Create experiences and enjoy in your own way just take two bits of advice from us – keep extra pairs of footwear and book hotels online before visiting Matheran.